State Enterprise “Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions” is the only company on Ukrainian market with unique experience in providing services to the foreign community.

Today GDIP’s regular customers are 78 foreign diplomatic missions, 26 Consulates General, 81 honorary consulates, 21 international organizations, and more than 1,000 offices of foreign companies, their numerous staff and their family members.

Comfort that we create is one of the main reasons for the positive attitude of foreign visitors to our country.

Historical and architectural face of Kyiv, its distinctive landscapes requires extremely careful attention to the buildings, in which the foreign missions are to be accommodated. Therefore, we conduct not only high quality repair works of the buildings, but also we provide restoration works of the architectural monuments. In this way a comfortable environment for foreign diplomats in Ukraine can be created.

GDIP provides diplomats with comfortable conditions of work, accommodation, recreation and health care. On your requirement, GDIP can select and recruit qualified staff in any field of specialization, develop tourism routes, provide transportation services and take the care of the various legal procedures related of exploitation of vehicles.

Our primary task – to provide services to the foreign diplomatic corps under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. The Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions is aware of the fact that the quality of our work influences the perception of our country by foreign diplomats, and the impression that they will carry on with them to other destinations in their field of work.

The structure consists of an affiliate in Yalta, four GDIP directorates and the Head Office, which , among others, includes Legal department and Contracts/Real estate department:

"Rembudekspluatatsiia" - capital construction and reconstruction of GDIP’s objects, preventive technical supervision and maintenance of the accommodations of diplomatic missions;

"Inpredkadry" – HR support of the foreign representative offices and diplomatic missions;

"Dipservis" - organization of leisure, medical treatment, recreation activities for the foreign diplomatic corps;

"Avtotsentr" - transportation services and rent of specialized equipment.

Legal department – legal services;

Contracts/Real estate department – provides assistance in lease and acquisition of real estate for diplomatic missions;

The main principle of GDIP – to provide quality and efficient customer service, and to solve issues in a comprehensive and highly professional manner, ebecause the quality of our work affects and stimulates the constant interest of foreign diplomats stimulates in our country, its culture and traditions.