Director - Mr. Ivan Sachuk

Deputy Director - Mr. Volodymyr Netsora

Chief Engineer – Mr. Artem Dmytrenko

The "Autotsentr" Directorate offers a full range of various high-quality services related to the operation and maintenance of vehicles.

Our advantages:

• Comprehensive and individual approach

• Flexible tariff system that takes into account all aspects of regular, urgent and ongoing cooperation with the customers.

• Different types of payment

Basic services:

• Truck and car wash

• Indoor and outdoor parking for cars, trucks, and buses

• Accommodation services for transit drivers (Photo)

• 24/7 security

• Auto transportation

• Lease of various special machines

• Tire service for cars and trucks

• Charging station for electric cars

• Vehicle straightening and painting

• Vehicle air conditioner diagnostic and recharge services

• Air conditioner cleaning and disinfecting service for cars 


Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 224-65-75

8-B Heroiv Kosmosu street, 03148 Kyiv

Tel.: +38 (044) 224-65-76, Director of “Autotsentr” Directorate

Tel.: +38 (044) 224-65-72, Chief Engineer

Tel.: +38 (044) 224-65-81, Operator

Tel.: +38 (044) 224-65-87, Head of the Auto Garage