Directorate "Inpredkadry"

Director — Mr. Mykola Hordiienko

Deputy Director for employment issues — Ms. Olena Ostapko

Deputy Director for financial issues — Ms. Valentyna Kuznietsova

The main activity area of the Directorate “Inpredkadry” is delivering of complex business organization and dealing services in Ukraine. Range of services includes human resourcing and financial support of embassies, representative offices of international organizations and foreign companies and corporations, enterprises, banks, etc. Some our services are also available for joint enterprises, domestic institutions and organizations, legal entities and individuals.

Among priority services of the Directorate are delivering services on employment and financial issues to foreign representative offices. To provide their clients with highly-skilled personnel more and more efficiently, the Directorate has a personnel data bank which is permanently developed and extended with the data on more than 10 thousand lead professionals. In the representative offices of foreign organizations registered in Kiev there are more than 9 thousand citizens of Ukraine employed with the assistance of the Directorate “Inpredkadry”. Also the Directorate renders additional personification reports preparation services for all those interested. These days our services are used by more than 50 embassies, representative offices of international organizations, about 30 international aid projects and also nearly 650 foreign companies from all over the world, which doing business in Ukraine successfully.

GDIP renders services to:

  • Representative offices of foreign organizations and companies – 1.129
  • International organizations – 4
  • Embassies – 42
  • International aid projects – 51

Persons employed by:

  • Representative offices of organizations and companies – 9.100
  • Embassies and international organizations - 764

List of the main services provided by the Directorate “Inpredkadry”

  • Financial services to foreign representative offices (companies)
  • Legal services
  • HR record management
  • Recruitment services
  • Visa support
  • Rest and health improvement

More information on services provided by the Directorate “Inpredkadry”


Tel.: +38 (044) 482-36-98

Fax: +38 (044) 482-33-06

51/50 Sichovykh Striltsiv Str., Kyiv 04053, Ukraine