Director – Mr. Oleksandr Kurach

Deputy Director – Mr. Oleksandr Morozov

Chief Engineer — Mr. Serhii Avramenko

The Directorate “Rembudekspluatatsiia” renders new buildings construction and reconstruction services, renovation and maintenance of existing administration and residential buildings services where diplomatic representative offices, residences and apartments of the Embassies’ staff are based.

The Directorate provides services to 44 buildings designated for diplomatic missions and also provides services to residents of 2 residential buildings (situated at 12, Striletska St. and 12, Fedorova Ivana St.). Emergency call service fitted with all necessary equipment and vehicles, operates twenty-four hours per seven days, and provides quality and prompt service for heat, water and electricity networks. Experts and specialists of the Directorate have experience and knowledge of regulatory framework on construction and maintenance of buildings and networks, and due to organized cooperation with the city services perform contractual obligations in time and with accuracy.


16 Striletska Str.

Tel.:+38 (044) 484-66-11

Fax: +38 (044) 484-46-89

33-B Honchara Olesia Str.

Tel. +38 (044) 234-03-91

Tel./Fax: +38 (044) 234-03-81

Construction Projects