List of services:

  1. 24/7 elimination of breakdowns in electricity, water, thermal energy and sewerage networks.
  2. Preparation of estimates for: Construction, special, project, commissioning, technical maintenance of engineering equipment using program complexes АС – 4, ІВК, in accordance with State construction norms;
  3. Plumbing and welding works, including at objects and places without electricity supply, using self-contained power supply: demounting and mounting of internal building sewerage systems made of cast-iron and plastic pipes Д-50-100 мм, heating systems, systems of cold water supply made of steel, metal-plastic and plastic pipes;
  4. Electrical works: demounting, mounting of sockets, switches, lamps, electrical equipment, electricity network troubleshooting.
  5. General construction works: plastering, painting, coating, woodwork, parquet, demounting of internal partitions, glass cutting.
  6. Complex renovation of apartments and premises.
  7. Works in networks of communication, TV, information, computer and others.
  8. Technical maintenance of the following networks: water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity, gas supply and relevant equipment.
  9. Servicing of computer and peripheral equipment, telephony.
  10. Renaming of telephone numbers and acquisition of relevant permits.
  11. Conclusion of agreements with local municipal services for heating, water, gas and electricity supply.
  12. Rendering accounting services to the Customer for consumed energy: taking meter readings, preparation of reporting documents, control over amounts’ correctness etc.
  13. Maintenance of land plots, lawn moving.
  14. Removal of household and construction wastes to suburban waste dumps.
  15. Performance of customer’s functions for allocation of land plots and acquisition of land use permit;
  16. Collection of outgoing data for designing and support in the development of project-estimate documentation, approval of projects with city’s authorities;
  17. Acquisition of construction and renovation permits;
  18. Technical supervision over construction;
  19. Selection and involvement of local and foreign firms to the construction process;
  20. Holding of State commission, acquisition of Object Commissioning Certificate;
  21. Execution of separate kinds of works, such as:
  • Acquisition of city planning conditions and restrictions for the development of land plot and prolongation of its validity, technical conditions pertaining to engineering supply of objects of architecture;
  • Acquisition of Kyiv city state administration’s orders;
  • Acquisition of the decisions of the Kyiv city council;
  • Facilitation in the development, preparation and consideration of the Urban Feasibility Study, pre-project developments or construction project at Urban Planning Council;
  • Acquisition of permits pertaining to redesign of apartments and non-residential premises;
  • Acquisition of the real estate right of property certificate;
  • Acquisition of technical passports, certificates-specifications for real estate objects from Bureau of technical inventory of Kyiv;
  • Preparation of estimates for execution of renovation and construction works
  • Technical supervision over separate kinds of works (laying engineering networks and other);
  • Transfer of engineering networks to the books of city’s authorities.